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Welcome to the Algorithm Zero Website, you should type commands to interact with this site

Type 'help' + Enter -- for available commands.


The Luvenda website is brought to you by Algorithm Zero, a company that focuses on teaching programming and also creating apps. We also have a keen interest in bringing lessons in the Luvenda/Tshivenda language. Most of the content in this website will be in Tshivenda. Subscribe to our Facebook Page to get updated with new apps.

Check out our YouTube channel to see our programming lessons.


We hope you are keeping safe distance. Check out latest covid numbers brought to you in Tshivenda

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We thought it great to teach some messages in Luvenda, check out the youtube channel below

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Command not found!

Type 'help' + Enter -- for available commands.

You can start writing JavaScript code in the command line, but you shoud enclose it in brackets ( )

e.g (let y = 10)
(let z = y + 10)



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